About Grace Kbh

Grace Kbh was founded in 2012, with the aim of providing shelter, support and love for people living in the streets of Copenhagen. Everyone is welcome at Grace and we treat each person with care and respect. Grace Kbh is part of Blå Kors Danmark.

Over the years, Grace has supported Copenhagen’s homeless community through many different projects. At the core of our services are our evening cafe and night shelter, which provide people with nutritious food and a safe place to relax and sleep. 

We have also expanded our services to include morning/day cafes, shower services and outreach support. You can find out more on the “Our Services” page. 

We currently have our home at Åboulevard 50, where you can find our guests eating, relaxing, playing games, charging their phones or chatting with our volunteers. We also provide a range of other services including clothes washing, distributing essential items and giving advice and assistance.

Our guests, staff and volunteers come from all over the world, and we are proud to be an open and diverse community of people. 

On this site you can find more information about our services, volunteering with us or supporting our work. 

Our Values

Grace is founded on the principle that every human being is valuable and deserves to be treated equally and with respect. Our services are for everyone, regardless of their nationality, gender or age. 

We promote the values of openness, acceptance and equality and we are proud to be a diverse community.

Read more about Blå Kors Danmarks human vision and values (link)

grace kbh
The Grace Kbh staff.

Volunteering with Grace

As a volunteer in Grace Kbh, you have every opportunity to develop your skills. Do you like to be something for other people and are you ready with practical help? 

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Our Services

At Grace, we help people in lots of different ways. We always try to create a fun and communal atmosphere where everyone is treated equally and respected.

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Grace shower

Every Friday 8-11.30 we are moving Grace Kbh to the beautiful settings at Sjællandgadebad! Here we welcome people who dont have any other access to shower.

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Grace Hostel

We assist in securing stable employment and offer temporary housing if you're at risk of homelessness or currently without a home, as well as provide help and support navigating Danish system.
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Lokalsjakket was established in 2023 and is a social project that works as a temporary employment office/vikarbureau. We can help your company with a number of different practical tasks

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Unique by Grace

At Unique, we're more than just a shop. As a non-profit, our heart beats for the well-being of the city's homeless and the promotion of sustainable consumption in Copenhagen.

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unique by grace

Support our work

Private and business can help Grace Kbh in many ways.
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Visit Grace Kbh

Grace Kbh
Åboulevard 50
2200 København N

Opening hours in café: Monday to friday 08.00-11.30

Contact us

Sofie W. E.

Manager of Grace Kbh

Phone: 28 47 05 30 

Mail: swe@blaakors.dk