Grace Kbh depends on the amazing work of our volunteers. As a member of Team Grace, you will be part of a network of 700 people and play an important role in the delivery of our services. You will have the opportunity to meet people from all around the world, develop your own experience and provide a valuable service to those in need. 

We have lots of different shifts you can join to suit your schedule, and you can come to as many or few as you want. You can find more information about the options in the “Our Services” section.


What to expect

As a volunteer with Grace, you will play an essential role in delivering our services. This includes lots of practical tasks, but it also means talking, listening and having fun with our guests. At Grace we try to create a fun and cozy atmosphere that everyone can participate in, and you will be a big part of that!

Before your first shift we will give you an induction, and we are always happy to answer any questions you have. 

Typical tasks include

  • Preparing and serving food and hot drinks
  • Washing clothes
  • Talking and playing games with the guests
  • Keeping the space clean, tidy and cosy
  • Giving advice
  • Arranging activities


The wellbeing of our volunteers is a priority for us! You will never be alone on a shift and there will always be a responsible staff member to give assistance if needed and make sure everything runs smoothly. . 

Community Activities

At Grace you will also be able to participate in our community events and activities. We bring together our volunteers and guests at events such as movie nights, football tournaments and day trips. You can even organize your own events!

How to Sign Up

To register, simply fill out the form linked at the bottom of the page! You will receive an email with further info about registering for shifts and a link to the volunteer handbook. Before your first shift, read through the handbook, Volunteer in Team Grace (pdf). If you any further questions, please write to us at


Visit Grace Kbh

Grace Kbh
Åboulevard 50
2200 København N

Opening hours in café: Monday to friday 08.00-11.30

Contact us

Sofie W. E.

Manager of Grace Kbh

Phone: 28 47 05 30