Welcome to Grace Hostel

We assist in securing stable employment and offer temporary housing if you're at risk of homelessness or currently without a home, as well as provide help and support navigating Danish system. We believe that a stable job, housing and support is a crucial step towards permanent housing and social integration. 

Our Purpose 

Our aim is to support individuals who are either currently experiencing homelessness or are at risk of becoming homeless, by providing them the help and assistance that meets their needs. 


Core Assistance 

Temporary Housing: We offer temporary housing for up to 3 months, during which we work towards finding you stable employment and housing. 

Employment Assistance: We help you build your CV, cover letter, and we help to find you a job. We also offer a fast track into employment through our extensive network of workplaces, primarily in the hospitality, service sectors and construction sites. 

Documentation Support: We guide you in acquiring essential documents like European Residence permits, tax numbers, health insurance card, MITID and bank account making the transition smoother. 

Transportation Funds: To ensure you can commute to your new job, we cover transportation costs until your first pay check arrives. 

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Support and Community 

Counselling and Motivation: Upon registration, you'll have an interview to assess your needs and readiness for our project. 

Life at Grace Hostel: We offer shared rooms, community spaces with a kitchen and internet. 

Social Activities at Grace KBH: We host movie and game nights and even offer soccer training sessions in collaboration with local clubs, visit art museums and play bowling. 


Project Aims 

Social Integration: Our goal help those in need by providing essential resources and support to navigate the challenges of homelessness or imminent homelessness. 

Partnership with Copenhagen Municipality: We work together to identify suitable candidates for our project, ensuring efficient use of resources and capacity. 

Continued Support: We follow up with you for up to six months after you've moved to your own accommodation to prevent relapse. 


How to join us 

If you believe you're a suitable candidate or know someone who might need our help, contact us: lda@blaakors.dk or 24 75 01 35 

Visit Grace Kbh

Grace Kbh
Åboulevard 50
2200 København N

Opening hours in café: Monday to friday 08.00-11.30

Contact us

Sofie W. E.

Manager of Grace Kbh

Phone: 28 47 05 30 

Mail: swe@blaakors.dk