Welcome to Unique by Grace Café

Welcome to our warm and cozy café at the heart of Nørrebro! At Unique, we're more than just a coffee shop. As a non-profit, our heart beats for the well-being of the city's homeless and the promotion of sustainable consumption in Copenhagen.

Step into our hygge space, and you'll find a wide array of coffee offerings and circular products - from aromatic coffee to artisanal crafts, ceramics, handmade pieces made by our guests at Grace KBHS’s shelter, beautiful artworks made by local artists, and more! Each item has a story, and many of these are imperfect products, past season collections, discontinued items, or unique handmade creations. Every purchase you make not only supports this circular initiative but also directly betters the lives of the homeless in Copenhagen. It is a dual mission of social compassion and environmental responsibility, and every transaction echoes our philosophy of a buying-with-purpose experience.”

Opening Hours

(Might have small changes according to the availability of volunteers, please check our social media @uniquebygrace on Instagram for the most updated information)

Tuesday - Friday           8:00 - 18:00

Saturday & Sunday     10:00 - 14:00

Supporting Copenhagen's Homeless, One Coffee at a Time

Who are we?

We are a community of volunteers dedicated to making a difference in the lives of Copenhagen's homeless. Originally established as the Unique Store in 2022, we've evolved from a retail space into a cozy café where every cup of coffee served carries a purpose. With the generous support of our donating partners, we source circular, high-quality ingredients and products. We strive to create a warm and community-centered atmosphere that supports the upliftment of the homeless, while also promoting a sustainable way of life.

A Home for All

Unique by Grace is part of the Grace KBH family, an organization under Blå Kors Danmark that supports the most vulnerable, particularly those experiencing homelessness in Copenhagen. Among Grace’s many initiatives, we offer a morning café, an overnight shelter, relocation services, assistance with navigating the healthcare system, guidance for job placement, and support with accommodation. Welcoming guests from all backgrounds, whether they're from different corners of Denmark or from around the world, Grace KBH is dedicated to upholding the respect, dignity, and quality of life for every individual, irrespective of their origins or circumstances. As a family, we are united in our belief in the inherent potential of each person to find their path and thrive in life.

All profits from the Unique Café are channeled into Grace KBH’s "Hostel Project", helping individuals in overcoming addiction and achieving self-sufficiency. Our guests receive the necessary support, including access to rehabilitation services. As they recover, we help them find jobs, providing the skills and confidence needed for the workplace. The final step in the program is finding suitable housing, ensuring our residents can sustain their independence. As of 2023, more than 200 people have successfully completed this program. Around our café, you can find some of their stories and testimonies.”

Mission: We commit to fostering respect, dignity, and quality of life for everyone. Our mission is to uplift Copenhagen's homeless community through the adoption of conscious and circular consumerism. We offer unique products that blend purpose with circularity.

Vision: We envision a Copenhagen where every individual has a home, and where circular and sustainable consumption is fundamental to daily life. We dream of a city where every purchase benefits the community and the environment, contributing to a brighter future for all.”

Join us, be part of this beautiful journey, and let's make a difference together!

If you want to volunteer with us sign up here: Volunteer Shift Timetable.

For enquiry about volunteering at Unique, please contact our volunteer coordinator via email uniqevolunteers@blaakors.dk

For collaborations and partnership, for example, events organization or donations, please contact our project leader via email unique@blaakors.dk



We strive to create a warm and community-centered atmosphere that supports the upliftment of the homeless, while also promoting a sustainable way of life. We host events a couple of times a month to gather the community and also raise funds to keep our initiative going.

Come for a bingo evening, quiz night, an art workshop, a book club meeting, and many more!

Make sure to check our social media for any upcoming events!


Rent our space for your event or party

As we are community-led, we also offer our cozy space to rent for a special event you might have.

Please contact our project leader, Cass, at unique@blaakors.dk for more information.

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If you want to support us beyond having a warm cup of coffee, you can also contribute with a donation! 

Please contact our project leader, Cass, at unique@blaakors.dk.

Visit Unique by Grace Café

Unique by Grace Café

Grieffenfeldsgade 54 

2200 København N


Opening Hours

Tuesday - Friday           8:00 - 18:00

Saturday & Sunday     10:00 - 14:00