Welcome to Unique by Grace

At Unique, we're more than just a shop. As a non-profit, our heart beats for the well-being of the city's homeless and the promotion of sustainable consumption in Copenhagen.

Step into our cozy space, and you'll find a wide array of offerings - from aromatic coffee to artisanal crafts, Danish design furniture, and more. Each item has a story, generously contributed by our partners. Many of these are imperfect products, past season collections, discontinued items, or unique handmade creations. Every purchase you make not only supports this circular initiative but also directly betters the lives of the homeless in Copenhagen. It is a dual mission of social compassion and environmental responsibility, and every transaction echoes our philosophy of a buying-with-purpose experience.

Opening Hours

(Might have small changes according to the availability of volunteers, please check our social media @uniquebygrace on Instagram for the most updated information)

Monday-Friday 11:30-14:00
Saturday 11:30-14:00


We support homeless people in Copenhagen

The Unique shop was established to support Grace KBH, an initiative under Blå Kors Danmark. Grace KBH is a place that provides shelter, support, and love for homeless people in Copenhagen and is founded on the principle that every human being is valuable and deserves to be treated equally and with respect. From day cafés and night shelters to integration services, our endeavors are vast and impactful. The profits from Unique are primarily channeled into our “Hostel Project”, dedicated to helping people out of addiction, getting them into work, and into housing. We take immense pride in the fact that over 200 individuals have successfully journeyed through this program, and Unique plays a pivotal role in this mission to make a difference.

We have created a space that promotes sustainable consumption while uplifting the city's most vulnerable via community-led initiatives. Powered by our dedicated volunteers, we aspire to cultivate a vibrant community where volunteers can exchange insights and innovative ideas for our mission. We warmly invite everyone to come aboard and contribute their unique talents.

To welcome 2024, we're brewing something special! Unique will evolve into a coffee shop, where you can savor freshly brewed coffee and delicious pastries. While our product range and events will continue, the spotlight will be on our coffee experience, complete with comprehensive barista training for our volunteers.

Our Mission: To uplift Copenhagen's homeless community by channeling the power of conscious consumerism, offering uniquely crafted products that resonate with purpose.

Our Vision: A Copenhagen where every individual has a home and where sustainable consumption is a way of life.

Join us, be part of this beautiful journey, and let's make a difference together!

If you want to volunteer with us sign up here: Volunteer Shift Timetable.

For enquiry about volunteering at Unique, please contact our volunteer coordinator via email uniqevolunteers@blaakors.dk

For collaborations and partnership, for example, events organization or donations, please contact our project leader via email unique@blaakors.dk


Visit Grace Kbh

Grace Kbh
Åboulevard 50
2200 København N

Opening hours in café: Monday to friday 08.00-11.30

Contact us

Sofie W. E.

Manager of Grace Kbh

Phone: 28 47 05 30 

Mail: swe@blaakors.dk